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Join us for an evening of hand to hand self defense based combatives:

Warm up and strength training drills.

Striking pad work

Basic hand to hand drills

Blocking and striking

Use of hands and feet

Use of knees and elbows

Engaging multiple attackers

Situational awareness and street smarts

Knife defense and attacks

Stick defense and attacks

Use of “improvised weapons”

Use of liquid based self defense tools

Survival mindset

What to look for.


None – Students should be able to move freely and semi quickly. While there is no formal training required to attend this class, it is to be understood that this is a physical class involving movement.

Equipment list:

Students should wear loose fitting athletic clothing

Fingernails and toenails should be well groomed

Please bring: one normal bath towel and one spare t-shirt or pants belt

Please also bring a note book with pen or pencil for note taking.

Refreshments and a light snack.

Humble willing to learn attitude.


Class Transfer: With 48-hour advance notice of event date we will
reapply your deposit to another class of your choice.

Cancellation Refund: Refunds for 75% balance of deposit amount, if no
transfer is possible, but ONLY if we are notified of the cancellation
up to 48-hours in advance of event date.

No-Call/No-Show: Participants who do not show to the event without
prior 48-hour notice forfeit their deposit.