Private Lesson

January 1, 2019 @ 12:00 am - December 30, 2020 @ 11:30 pm


November 17 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


November 22 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


November 23 @ 9:30 am - 4:00 pm


Permit Services

Homestate and Non-Resident Permit Application Help

State-required Classroom Courses

OnSight Firearms training is currently offering Pistol Permit courses and application assistance for the following states:

New York ■ ConnecticutUtahArizonaNew HampshireMaineFloridaRhode IslandMassachusettsVirginia

Group Live Fire Courses

Train more than your range skills

Train in a Group setting

Learn new skills, refine known skills, work your fundamentals in a group environment with professional instructors. With a focus on defensive shooting skill set, we provide a variety of class levels and platforms to challenge and inform students and the decisions they make in the context of self defense.

Private Instruction

One-on-One Shooting Instruction; Private Group Instruction

A More Focused Approach

Whether you’re looking for guidance during that first trip to the range, or you’re looking shrink the size of your groupings, we will be happy to work with you one-on-one. We also are happy to accommodate small or medium-sized private groups. Please head to the Contact page and start the conversation today!


“I’ve taken two defensive shotgun classes with OFT in the last year, both times bringing an inexperienced shooter with me. Both times I found them to be safe, fun, and actually educational. More importantly, they were able to accommodate both the seasoned shooter and the person who’s never picked up a gun before all in the same class setting and with everyone learning something while sharpening their skills. I’ve signed up for more of their classes and have strongly recommended them to family and friends. They are a continued resource and will be there to answer your questions long after your class is over.”

Rich H., Police Officer, NY

“Ben and Rae with OFT brought a sense of urgency and realism to our class that I never expected. Their professionalism and experience shined through as they moved us through numerous dynamic scenarios. It was clear that they truly cared about conveying all aspects of the life-saving techniques that they have absolutely mastered. If you want to take your firearms and hand-to-hand training to the next level, OFT and their excellent trainers are the obvious choice.”

Joe A., Chesterfield, SC

“OnSight Firearms Training is a premier training program for all firearms enthusiasts. I have trained with several instructors in the NY area and would rank Ben, Rachael and Scott at the top of the list. They foster a positive learning environment that truly has the students’ development in mind. One thing I appreciate in the group classes is the attention to detail they provide in helping the students advance in their skill sets. Everything from accuracy to practical skills is covered during the course topics. They will push you to become better. The second thing to note is there are no egos here. OFT brings in top instructors from all across the country to provide a comprehensive curriculum for all your carbine, handgun, shotgun and self defense needs. I appreciate their instruction and course material so much that I ended up training with them almost every month in 2016. Keep up the great work OFT!”

Phil L., Long Island, NY

“Roughly 2 years ago I embarked on a personal journey developing myself into “not just an average Joe with a gun.” Watching the world degrade as it has been over the past few years just having a gun is no longer enough to be able to protect myself and my loved ones. Like anything in life to be able to properly employ it safely need to have practice and you need to have the basic skill sets down. Having no military or law-enforcement experience I’ve had to look for training in the civilian market. OnSight Firearms Training has been instrumental in this. At this point I’ve lost count but can confidently say I have taken over 15 classes with them. I don’t think I could possibly say enough nice things about those guys. They encourage cross training and still travel and train with other instructors themselves. In my opinion, this leads them to being a truly top notch staff. They’re highly experienced and are extremely safe. We’ve moved to some very advanced skill sets in the classes and have never ever once experienced or found myself to be in a situation where I thought something unsafe was going on or that the class was moving faster than a certain student could handle. Additionally, the instructors are some of the kindest, most genuine, and caring people I know. They actually care about the individual students, they’re not just looking for bodies to fill the roster. Truly a great outfit offering exceptional instruction in an area where you wouldn’t think it would be so easy to find.”

Joe M., Yonkers, NY

“Several years ago, when I got my pistol permit, Ben gave me one of my first lessons. I’ll never forget that night – I walked into the range, told them I was a first-time shooter and, luckily, Ben took time from his own training to calm me down and walk me through the basics. Several years later, I’m now an RSO and pistol instructor myself and when I take lessons, I almost always end up working with Ben & Rachel at Onsight Firearms Training. While they are both incredibly experienced, they do not use that experience to become condescending to their students – which is a lesson in itself. Positive reinforcement is the rule at Onsight and their classes are very effective because of this approach. The array of services that Onsight provides is also impressive: First time shooter needing a private lesson? Done. Frustrated shooter who, after sending thousands of rounds downrange, wants to know why they are not getting better? OK. Advanced shooter who wants to fine tune their skills? You’re covered. And all of this does not include the group lessons that range from different variations of gun handling, defensive shooting, out-of-state licenses, shotgun & rifle skills and, equally important, classes in gun maintenance. So, if you are looking for firearms training and come across Onsight, you have only one question to ask yourself, “How far do I want to go?”

Sal, Yonkers, NY

“I have been attending OFT for 13 months. I have taken all kinds of pistol,shotgun,and rifle classes. I have enjoyed all of them very much. As a LEO for 19 years,thanks to OFT I have added much more skill to my toolbox. I am much more prepared for a day I hope never comes. The classes are safe,we learn a lot,and they are fun. I much met many great people. All 3 instructors are great. Scott Grosso is retired law enforcement and bring great experience to the class. Benjamin DeWalt is a martial arts instructor and is highly trained in firearms. He brings another important philosophy to firearms training. Rachel Maloney is also highly trained and very observant when it comes to keeping the class safe. But more importantly when these 3 are not teaching they are getting trained themselves. So when are learning something new, we the students also get that Training. I do not care if you are Law enforcement, military, or civilian. You need to get trained. I highly recommend OFT. Come join us and get trained.”

Matthew F, NY Corrections, NY

“Being a new shooter I was intimidated but interested in taking a gun training class that I would not feel in over my head. With OnSight they offer a range classes that fit all levels of shooters and experience. I have been to a few of the pistol and shotgun classes and even got my Utah out of state permit with them. Every class is a full day of action and the drills change from class to class always keeping it fresh and the students on their toes. The only reason the class seems like so much fun is the stance they take on safety. You are not there to just put rounds down range. You will be trained by professionals and walk away with a crave for continued training. Trust me on one thing watching people train on You Tube is not learning how to shoot. You need to get out and do it.”

Hector R., NY

“I have gone to over half a dozen of the seminars/classes offered by OFT. I cant be more happy with my improvement in both skill set and attitude. These classes provide an environment that is hard to find. Its many steps above your ‘average’ shooting class. I feel very confident handling my firearm in the different scenarios that are covered in these classes; shooting on the move, behind cover, close quarters. Take one and you will be hooked!”

Anthony D, NY

“OFT offers excellent firearms training for the discerning student regardless of experience and ability.  I have had the pleasure to take many classes with Ben, Rachel and Scott.  All are excellent instructors who operate as team dedicated to offering safe, enjoyable, valuable and potentially life saving skill sets and information for the concerned citizen or law enforcement officers looking to maintain and improve their skills. As martial art instructors who train with professional martial artists, law enforcement and DOD trainers, Ben and Rachel are professional students who continue to hone their skills staying current and learning new methods in order to improve upon their already established credentials and reputation for quality instruction.”

Lou D., Modern Samurai, Queens, NY

“I have taken classes with OFT and am always eager to take more. The reason for this is that the quality of the instruction is superb and given by knowledgeable and helpful instructors that openly show their desire to make all students better shooters and improve the students ability to defend themselves with the use of the firearm. Each course is run in a safe manner with useful information taught and with challenging and rewarding drills for students. As a current active Law Enforcement Officer in a busy urban environment I am very aware that a law abiding person that chooses to posses a firearm must seek to be proficient in it’s use and when able to do so, this person is safer and more effective at protecting oneself and those important to that person. I recommend OFT to any of my family members and friends to seek this training. I would also like to add that even though I am trained and continue to receive training from my department, it is OFT that I go to as well for continued and effective training so I can not only maintain but improve my knowledge and abilities with the use of the firearm that I carry to defend myself and others. Please consider taking training with OFT. I assure you that you will not be disappointed. Feel free to reach me for any questions.”

R. C., Police Officer, Mount Vernon, NY

“OnSight Training does what they do best, firearm training! I highly recommend them for the beginner to experienced shooter. I have been shooting long rifles since age 9 with my father, who was an NRA Instructor and pistol shooting since my early 20’s. I have attended a vary of training programs to include the US Army and the NRA. However, the one on one attention that Benjamin De Walt and Rachel give is exceptional. They listen to you as you learn. Benjamin gives an exciting competitive pistol course, which is a challenge to shooters at every level. Rachel works well on detecting your bad habits and leads you to forming better techniques. Overall, I always judge firearm training on Safety and I give them an A+. Looking forward to more courses.”

Catherine N., COL US ARMY, Yonkers, NY

“I can’t recommend OFT highly enough! Training with the awesome OFT instructors has provided me with the foundational skills and confidence to go from never having operated a firearm before, to shooting and training at a level I never imagined possible.  The ability of the instructors to teach students of all abilities though one-on-one or class training is fantastic.  All of this accomplished in a very safe training environment.  OFT’s combination of pistol, long gun, and armorer’s courses offer training opportunities and instruction at a level not found anywhere else in the area.”

Chris C., New Rochelle, NY

“OnSight hosted me for a 1-day Combative Shotgun. As traveling teacher they could not have made it any easier. They handled all logistical considerations, which allowed me to “show up and shoot” with a full class of 20+ students and have none of the leg work that goes in behind the scenes to conduct a successful class.”

Alex Hartmann, Ridgeline Shooting, NH